About FICS

Students Testimonials

FICS is a great platform for young budding entrepreneurs as it gives you that initial push that you need to refine your idea and come out with it into the public and test it out. Our experience in FICS is quite memorable because it was during FICS that we gave our idea the name of CricFlex on which we are working as a full time Startup now. It was the night of the finale of FICS when the team flew to MIT to present a research paper on the same idea. Before the competition we were a bit unsure because we were in our 3rd year and all others participating were in the final year with their FYP's. But we still made it to the finals which speaks of the fairness of the competition. My learning from FICS was to never give up because even though we couldn't win the competition still we continued to work hard and since then we have never looked back. Also we got industry mentorship from Mr. Owais Anjum - CEO eMumba for our project, because of support and efforts of CAC team.

  • Abdullah Ahmed – CEO CricFlex; Graduate - School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) NUST
  • Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Hammad Cheema (HoD, Research Center for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Studies (RIMMS) NUST)
  • Team: Abdullah Ahmed, Muhammad Asawal & Muhammad Jazib Khan

When we entered the competition, we were expecting to meet relevant industry members who can extend their support in commercialization of this project; and it was great to meet industry giants and get their expert feedback at this platform, while being part of the competition. FICS was a great platform to showcase the skills infront of industry because in school exhibitions you only get a chance to present infront of academia. It helped to improve commercialization aspect of our project.

  • Arslan Ahmed – Team Lead Project ‘Precis Veine’; Graduate – SEECS NUST
  • Faculty Supervisor: Dr.Khawar Khurshid (HoD Electrical Engineering Department, SEECS NUST)
  • Team: Arslan Ahmed, Hafiz Usman Mahmood, Muhammad Talal Shahid

We are thankful to the whole FICS team for providing us a great platform where we can share our innovative ideas for the benefit of the society. On behalf of my team, I would like to thank everyone from Interactive Group, especially Dr. Saad Liaqat for appreciating our project. We are also grateful to everyone from ASAB especially Dr. Amjad Ali, Dr. Jamil Ahmed and Dr. Hussnain A. Janjua for their worthy suggestions and support in our project at every stage. - Team Lead –

  • Fatima Kanwal – Team Lead Project ‘Antibiotic Intelligence’ - MS Student, Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Bio-Sciences (ASAB), NUST