About FICS

FICS 2014

FICS 2014 spanned from the end of 2013 till May 2014.

In Stage 1 – Synopsis Submission – 77 project synopses were submitted. 56 were shortlisted for Stage 2.

In Stage 2 – Poster and Video Submission – out of the 56 projects, 38 were shortlisted, by a panel of judges comprising SEECS faculty as well as Industry members.

In Stage 3 – Prototype Presentation – 29 project prototypes were displayed; Industry members as well as NUST faculty were invited to visit the stalls. 3 winners were selected and given cash prizes, all sponsored by our worthy Industry members. All 3 prizes were won by teams comprising final year students from Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (BEE), SEECS.

FICS 2014 saw a large number of Industry partners actively engaged with the participating student teams. They not only provided valuable guidance and input, but also wholeheartedly and generously funded the initiative. For FICS 2014, Industry members contributed a sum of Rs. 200,000, which covered the award amounts as well as the expense of organizing the Grand Finale – the 3rd stage of the FICS competition.

One of the salient features of FICS 2014 was the interaction of the Industry with the participating teams. In the opinion of our Industry partners, some project ideas held good commercialization potential. Some of the projects presented at Stage 2 and Stage 3; based on their novelty, impact and potential worth; were handpicked by the Industry for providing mentorship and guidance.